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Italy is one of the most travelled destinations in Europe for good reason! It's long and rich history, interesting architecture, beautiful landscapes, delicious food, crisp beer and luxurious wines make Italy a fantastic destination. Italy was the first country we visited together, so it will always be special to us.

Italy Blog Posts


Milan: A Guide for Food & Drink Lovers

May 14, 2020

Milan is a fantastic city, it’s home to Leonardo Da Vinci’s The Last Supper, is one of the fashion capitals of Europe, has two world renowned football teams, and is a great base to use to visit the rest of Northern Italy. Which is exactly what we did!

Either way you’re going to need to know where to eat & drink, and we’re here to help. These are our picks of the must visit bars and restaurants Milan has to offer. Bon Appetit! or Bottoms up!

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Our 4-Day Northern Italian Adventure

February 17, 2019

Most people will probably tell you that you shouldn’t book a trip with someone you’ve only been officially dating for 6 weeks, good thing we aren’t most people! So, we decided to book ourselves a whistle stop tour of northern Italy covering Milan, Lake Como and Venice as our first ever relationship mini-adventure, even though we’re pretty sure neither of us still knew when the other’s birthday was…

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