South Africa

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South Africa's dramatic landscapes, exotic wildlife, delicious wine & food, and rich history is not to be missed! Whether it's photographing the 'Big 5' on safari, climbing to the top of Table Mountain, visiting Nelson Mandela's prison cell and learning about the history of Apartheid, or enjoying a glass of world renowned wine, South Africa will leave a lasting impression.

South Africa Blog Posts

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South Africa: A Tour of the Cape Winelands

August 20, 2020

While we were in Cape Town, we took a one day tour of the Cape Winelands, and visited four of the 300+ vineyards that make up the countries’ best known wine producing region. This is our brief guide to the Cape Winelands and why visiting, even if you aren’t particularly a wine lover, will be one of your most memorable South African experiences.

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Kruger National Park – A Day on Safari

July 15, 2020

A safari is an incredible experience, but very few people know what you actually do during a typical day. We certainly didn’t when we found ourselves heading out on our first game drive 10 minutes after arriving at our Lodge.

So that you are more prepared than us, this is our guide to what you should expect during a day on safari.

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Kruger National Park – Everything You Need to Know

April 29, 2020

Kruger National Park is possibly the most well-known safari destination in Africa. It is one of the largest game reserves on the continent, covering an area of roughly the size of the Netherlands in the north of South Africa, on the border with Mozambique.

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