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Bars & Breweries,  Czech Republic

Walking Tour of Pragues Best Bars

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Prague quickly became one of our favourite European cities and for good reason, Prague is definitely one for the drink lovers!

  • Good beer
  • Delicious cocktails
  • Great locations
  • Dirt cheap prices

Who can grumble at that?!

We've selected our top picks of bars and pubs that Prague has to offer and shown them below as an easy to follow walking bar tour. The furthest distance from one bar to the next is a 10-minute walk so you'll still be able to stagger this, even when you've had one too many!

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Let the Bar Crawl commence...


The first stop T-Anker is located just outside the Old Town, consisting of a rooftop bar and restaurant, a great place to line your stomach before you start.

They have 9 beers on tap, with 3 fixed favourites; their T-Anker light lager, another light lager by Cvikov brewery and a wheat beer from Maisels Weisse. The other beer taps are rotated weekly with the aim to support local micro-breweries.

They have a large outdoor seating area with views over the Old Town, the perfect brew with a view to start the tour!

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Perfect photo opportunity if you haven't already visited the Old Town Square and the Prague Astronomical Clock.


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Black Angels Bar is situated right in the centre of the Old Town Square, and because of it's touristy location it can get very busy, do not let this put you off though Black Angels bar is a must visit.

Located underground in the "Gothic cellar" of Hotel U Prince, Black Angels is a 1930's prohibition style bar complete with red leather sofas and low-hanging chandeliers.

The seating area is very spacious so you can happily sit back and enjoy your cocktail of choice, and if live music is your thing, they have a pianist performing on the weekends.



If you're the kind of person that hates waiting for their beer to be delivered to the table, then The Pub is the one for you!

The Pub offers easy to use self-serving beer tap tables complete with a built in glass washing system. If someone in your party doesn't like beer, there is a tablet on top of the pump so you can order other drinks and food directly to the table. We would highly recommend the food, especially the burgers!

They also have a "leaderboard" shown on a large screen, highlighting the table who has drunk the most beer in the bar you are in, in their bars in Prague, and in their bars in Europe! This is the perfect spot to visit if you are in a group or if you're a two (like us) that loves to drink a lot of beer!

The Pub can be found in multiple locations around Prague, including Praha 2 and Praha 6.

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WARNING : The next two bars only accept CASH  There is a Travelex ATM located just after the Bridge if you need to make a withdrawal.


Now you're in a beer drinking mood, it's definitely time for the Prague Beer Museum 

Boasting 30 beers on tap (all from Czech micro breweries), they offer the largest draught beer choice in the whole of Prague and you can sample all of these on beer tasting paddles.

The Prague Beer Museum isn't the place if you're just looking for a cheap pint, edging on the pricer side, this is one for the beer connoisseurs!

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Cash Only Bar is a hidden gem of a cocktail bar found in an otherwise very touristy part of Prague. They offer the concept of cocktails and hot dogs - unusual we know! But trust us just go with it!

During the weekdays there is a very relaxed vibe, with the bar getting much busier on the weekends when the downstairs bar opens up. They offer exceptional service and excellent cocktails - if you're a gin lover make sure you try - The Bramble.

Cash Only Bar is the sister bar to the more popularly known "Hemingway Bar" they both offer a very similar concept but Cash Only Bar tends to be quieter so it's easier to grab a table!

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The Anonymous Shrink's Office is so much more than just a bar, it's more like a drinks experience. We honestly had one of the best cocktails we have ever tasted.

The experience starts when you are lead through a secret doorway that leads you down to the underground bar. Your waiter will then explain that the cocktail you receive will be decided through a physiological test.

We don't want to give anything else away but we would recommend the Anonymous Shrink's Office to anyone looking for a unique and fun drinking experience.


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We've saved our favourite till last! Although U Fleků is very much a touristy restaurant, the beer and traditional Czech food are 100% worth a visit.

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U Fleků only serve one beer! The dark beer of the house.

U Fleků’s dark lager is unpasteurised and unfiltered - their beer only lasts about 4 weeks before it goes off, because it still contains active yeast. If you like Guinness you need to try this, and if you don't you still need to try it! Unlike any other beer we have tried, so damn tasty!

Before you even have chance to put your bum on your seat you will be handed a beer by one of the waiters circling the room with trays full of the stuff. They also have strong aperitifs on their tray but we got advised to avoid these so maybe suggest you do the same! Or if you've had enough by now go for it and let us know what it's like.

As soon as your glass is empty they will pick you out straight away and swap it with a full one. They mark up your orders on a piece of paper that stays on your table and at the end of the meal, you present that piece of paper and use it to pay.

The food was a big highlight for us, we didn't actually plan on eating here but after seeing the traditional Czech cuisine being served we had to try it for ourselves. We definitely didn't regret our decision!

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We  hope you've made it safely to the end! and you've enjoyed our walking tour guide of our favourite bars that Prague has to offer! Is our Bar Walking Tour missing something? Please share your favourite bars in Prague below!

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